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i just realized that fucking ross geller got tenure in the field of paleontology at, like, age 30? and must’ve been hired at that tenure track position in his mid-20s? how was he so young? how old was he when he got his PhD? did he just… get a job after graduating without even doing a postdoc? is this what the 90s were like? fuck the 90s. fuck ross geller. fuck the way rachel got that coffee shop job with no experience



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#look at that box of cheeri owls on the ravenclaw table

Just reblogging for the Cheeri Owls.


It kind of looks like an advert for them too. Ron is asking why Ravenclaws are so smart and Hermione turns towards the camera and says “Because they eat Cheeri Owls as part of a balanced diet and so do I”

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This puppy has such big dreams, I just know it.

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It always amazed me how cats can look so comfortable in the most uncomfortable places

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